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PT.CEMERLANG TUNGGAL INTIKARSA is a company that has stood since 30 years ago on February 05th 1992 Found by H. Yayat Ruhiyat as 1st Director and Rudolf Aritonang as 2nd Director, for 3 decade as manning agent Processing Indonesian crew for international cruise lines, cargo ship, Bulk carriers, Container, Oil tanker.

Founded by H. Yayat Ruhiyat and Rudolf Aritonang on 25th February 1993 and ithe declaration based on the official document number 65 on February 08th 1994 with the Indonesian government business permit SK C2.7143.HT.01.01-TH’94 on may 09th1994 and then with official document number 163 march 31st with the ratification in 2017 number AHU-0008549.AH.01.02 years 2017 April 17th   2017.

Operational Business permit PT.Cemerlang Tunggal Intikarsa based on  Goverment Business permit recruiting international cruise lines, and cargo ship (SIUPPAK) No. 7.7 on 2014 and Statement of Compliance for Recruitment and Placement Service, Regulation 1.4, Maritime Labour Convention 2006, already audit on December 28th 2020

PT.Cemerlang Tunggal Intikarsa has been collaborating with several tourism,hospitality,and cruise ship schools to recruit their alumni’s for International Cruise Lines.


  • MLC Compliance
  • NO Agent and Recruitment FEE
  • We have our own hospitality colleges (ITC JAKARTA) to supply more candidates come to CTI J
  • We could provide 1000 and more candidates per year for our clients. Not only New Hire Candidates, we also re-process all repeater back from the ship (coordinate with cruise line) for their next assignment
  • We have a strong relationship with U.S., U.K. and European embassies in Indonesia/Malaysia and China, all of whom have commended us for our attention to detail when processing documentation prior to candidate deployment.
  • Our management team and search consultants are all experienced seafarers and with significant experience in the cruise line and commercial shipping sectors.

  • Every Cruise Line client handled by professional and dedicated “account coordinator” and their team for processing and scheduling the crew.. This is to make sure our stabilize service for our client.
  • We are therefore acutely aware of the challenges facing the cruise line and shipping industry worldwide, particularly with regard to manpower planning and qualification criteria.
  • We have close relationships with leading hospitality colleges in all are in Indonesia
  • We have affiliates office as a support system of CTI Jakarta.
  • We have a dedicated ‘airport representative’. This person is permanently based at Jakarta International Airport and is responsible for ensuring all newly hired and returning crew have proper documentation and ticketing at the airport prior to boarding the plane. He also provides last minute advice and encouragement to newly hired crew on what to expect when arriving at the destination airport and ship sign on procedures.

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CTI Jakarta has been providing crew manning services to various ship owners and managers globally.

I sincerely thank CTI Jakarta. This is a specialized educational institution designed to work on cruise ships. The crew from CTI Jakarta who have educated me so that I can be accepted on DREAM CRUISE LINE, I am very proud and I say many thanks to CTI Jakarta Thanks a lot.


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