Before Departing, First Complete the Existing Ship Documents

Before sailing, a ship must complete the ship’s documents first. This is done so that shipping activities become legal.

Before sailing, a ship must complete the ship’s documents first. This is done so that shipping activities become legal and avoid ticketing. Not only to avoid tickets, complete documents can also make it easier for ships to enter the port area.

The ship’s completeness document is also proof that the ship is fit to sail and has completed the bureaucracy in accordance with the Law.
List of Ship Documents


Then what documents must be completed before sailing? The following is a list of these documents and an explanation.
Certificate of Register (Certificate of Nationality of the Ship)

The first document that is mandatory to have is a nationality certificate. This document is a ship certificate which states the identity of the means of transportation. With this document, the ship gets permission to fly the flag of its country of origin.

This document is not only a permit to fly the flag of origin of the country, but also serves as a legal entity for the ship. With this nationality certificate, the ship in question is entitled to legal protection.

Legal protection is not only obtained from the country of origin, but also from the country concerned with the ship. Registration of this document is often referred to as the Flag of Convenience, namely the registration of ships to other countries.

This registration aims to reduce costs. This is because the requirements and registration of a ship’s nationality may differ from country to country.

When the registration requirements in one country are very complicated and the registration fee is large, the ship can be registered in another country with lower terms and costs.

However, not all countries allow the application of this rule. Countries that opened this Flag of Convenience include Liberia, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras.

However, Indonesia itself does not open the practice of Flag of Convenience. Even ships originating from Indonesia must be registered domestically and must fly the Indonesian flag.

There are several requirements that must be in place to make this document, namely sea certificate, annual pass, small pass and temporary sea certificate for ships that are crossing or traveling.
Seaworthy Certificate (Certificate of Eligibility)

The next ship document that must be owned is a seaworthy certificate or known as a seaworthy certificate. This document is proof that the ship is eligible to sail.

The feasibility of this ship is seen from various things such as the completeness of the tools, the function of each component of the ship, and so on. This ship certificate is very important. The reason is if there is a ship’s equipment that does not pass the due diligence, then this will cause a danger.

Moreover, if the ship in question is a passenger ship, then the feasibility of the ship must be considered because it involves the safety of many people.
Safety Certificate

The next ship document that must be completed to avoid getting a ticket on the ship is a security certificate. This document is specifically intended for passenger ships.

The security certificate is a guarantee for passengers while on the ship. The security guaranteed in this certificate includes body security, safety from inappropriate actions by crew members, and social security.
Deratting certificate

A rat-free certificate or deratting certificate is an important document for a departing ship. As it is well known that rats are rodents that must not be on the ship. Therefore, the crew must ensure that no rats are on the ship.

Rat free certificate is a statement that the ship is free from rodents and this is issued after checking the ship. Apart from that, spraying the vessel is also carried out using fumigation or rat control.

This spraying is carried out to ensure that there are absolutely no rats on the ship that may have been missed during the inspection. Therefore, it must be checked regularly.
Crew Registration Letter

As the name implies, this document is a document containing a list of the ship’s crew. This document is also known as Monsterol, Crew List Certificate.

All names of crew members are listed in this letter, complete with their positions. However, the name of the captain was not listed because he was not included in the crew. The skipper is in charge of the ship’s leader and is responsible for the duration of the ship’s sailing.
Bill of Health

Still related to previous ship documents, the Bill of Health or health certificate is a health certificate for the crew.

As it is known that voyages are usually carried out within a certain time. If there is

crew members who suffer from infectious diseases or epidemics, then this can cause unwanted things.

This health certificate states that the crew and the captain are free from infectious diseases and that the people on board are in good condition.

To obtain this letter, crew members are required to carry out a medical examination. Usually this letter is issued when the ship will depart from the port.

A health certificate is not only a complement to the bureaucracy, but also a responsibility to ensure the health of the people on board.
Load Line Certificate

The hull is a very important part of the ship. This part affects the ship’s ability to float on water. Therefore there is a special certificate for this part of the ship.

The Embossed Hull Certificate or also known as the Load Line Certificate is a certificate stating that the hull of a ship can arise in accordance with the minimum and maximum rules.

The hull of the ship will arise slightly and arise more above the water surface when sailing with an empty load or in ballast. However, if the ship is sailing in full load, there will be fewer hulls on the surface of the water.

For that we need a minimum and maximum limit for the stomach to arise. This is done for shipping safety so that the ship can maintain its stability.
Mee Tebrief or Measure Letter

This letter or ship document is a letter stating the size of the ship. The ship itself has important measurements such as the inside width, LOA or length of the ship, and LBP or Length Between Perpendicular.

In addition, the size of each hold is also stated in this letter. Although only as a certificate of ship size, this letter should not be underestimated. The reason is, the size of the ship can affect the cargo, the number of passengers, the hull arises and so on.
Other Documents that Must Be Completed

Apart from the documents mentioned above, there are many other important documents that need to be completed. However, it should be noted that other documents may differ, depending on each type of ship.

For example, the documents on a cargo ship must be different from a passenger ship. The cargo ship documents that need to be completed are a cargo ship safety equipment safety, a cargo ship safety radio certificate and an exemption certificate.

In addition, it is also necessary to equip it with a dangerous goods manifest or stowage plan and a cargo ship construction certificate.

Apart from that, other cargo documents that can prevent you from getting a boat ticket are warehouse receipts, cargo tracer, damaged cargo list, out turn report, and survey report.

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