Benefits of Working on Cruise Ships

Luxury cruise ships carry thousands of passengers for a vacation in the middle of the sea. To serve the needs of guests on a cruise ship, it takes thousands of workers with their respective skills and disciplines. Indonesia as a country that contributes a large number of workers to cruise ships has felt a positive impact by reducing the number of unemployed.

Indonesian workers who are resilient and skilled and friendly in interacting with guests make every cruise ship company from small, medium to large scale do not want to be left behind to include Indonesians as workers.

But unfortunately, strategic positions such as officer, captain, etc. are rarely penetrated by Indonesians. usually, that strategic position will be filled by a person from the ship’s country of origin. For example, the Costa Crociere boat company headquartered in Italy. It can be ascertained that most of the Italians in control of the bridge.

Let’s talk about the positive impacts or benefits that can be obtained if we work on cruise ships. According to a survey we conducted ourselves on cruise ship workers from Indonesia, we finally summarized it as below.

the advantages of working on a cruise ship

1. Large income
don’t ask again. all the way from Indonesia to other countries if the salary is small, surely no one wants to work there. Cruise ship companies pay dollar salaries to their workers. Some companies even pay their workers in euros. Assuming we work at the lowest level like dishwashers, they can earn around $ 600 x 8 month contract. The salary will be higher along with the level of your job.

2. Travel around the world for free!
When else will you be able to sail across the ocean, visiting world-famous tourist objects for Rp0? yes only by working on a cruise ship you can enjoy it. because the average large cruise ship travels around the world.

3. It is more economical than working on land
working on a cruise ship you do not need to pay for transportation costs, accommodation costs, meal costs (morning, afternoon and evening) all free for you. so that you can use your money more for the purposes of realizing your dreams in your hometown.

4. Knowing the culture of other countries
Cruise workers come from almost all over the world. automatically you will interact with them. you will get a lot of new knowledge about the culture of another country from your co-workers.

5. Unique work experience
I think now working on a cruise ship has become an elite job. where after coming home from work, with several contracts, you can build a house, buy a car, motorbike, etc. Therefore, the Indonesian people seem to have their own prestige when they say that they work on a cruise ship. Besides, there are many new things that you will never find if you only work on land. and they say that Caucasians are really memorable and priceless

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